Your grace lifts me.

i shrunk, i hesitated, i doubted

But your mercy unfolded, your grace was given.

-thank You



God chose you before you choose yourself. Inside of you there’s someone who is trying to manifest but you won’t allow them.

This person doesn’t fit the standards… so you deny them ??

Or maybe this person is someone holding on to a pained past ??

Or maybe this is someone who wants to be loved and doesn’t know how ??



this time they stayed.

this time they did not fade away as I dried my face

this time I can not forget.

the words you used to strangle me,

are now a part of me

the pained body

the pained body

Every pain I’ve had I’m still holding onto, as if the pain were pleasure.

The familiarity of it must be what feels so good… the one thing that remains constant.