The Intro..

So here’s the scoop.

I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past 8 years, I’m 27 btw.

Does the word “suffering” seem too dramatic?? Suffering, failing, procrastinating, insecure, I mean… I could go on but y’all get it. I never understood depression… I never understood anxiety…  I just knew I was in pain… Mentally. Emotionally.  Physically. And there was no one I could talk to. Everyone around me seemed perfectly fine. What the heck was my problem???

I was 19, a sophomore at a local community college when I got my first dose of depression. I can recall that because I’ve always been a writer… little did I know 🙂 I can remember just feeling so alone. COMPLICATED. MISUNDERSTOOD. And again, ALONE.

I want to share my experiences. I want to be honest. I want to spread positivity. Of course, our skies get grey… of course, our days won’t always be sunny. But what do we do? How do we handle our problems? Or better yet…

“How do our problems handle us?”



    1. Hey! Thanks for replying. Yes, I was a able to make it though the storm. We can overcome so much when we allow ourselves to open our minds and look at our true self and problems. I hope you come along with me and I can offer any bit of positivity or inspiration to help you make it through your storm ❤


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