STOP! Stop!

I don’t have the energy. I refuse to put in the time anymore to tell you what you’ve done.

“I thought you loved me.”  Started to be an everyday thing…

And… Yeah, unfortunately, I do.


I can’t keep giving all this greatness away… and for what in return? To be your emotional pillow? Your emotional punching bag? “HA!”

See when I realized what it meant to be honest with myself… I realized I had to be honest with the people I love as well…

And our relationship… well, it never should have even happened… But at the time I needed you… (at least I thought)  I needed someone to make me feel whole and beautiful…

Because… I couldn’t do that on my own yet. I didn’t even know what I was capable of.

I was growing day after day, and of course, I wanted you to grow with me… I wanted you to be able to see your worth like I had found mine… I wanted us to grow and conquer…

But you weren’t ready… instead you wanted to keep me down… You couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let you hold me anymore… You couldn’t understand why your kisses didn’t put me under your usual spell…

All that, “I love you, baby”… “Can I come see you”… that sh*t isn’t going to work this time around… The love I need you cannot give… You had your chance… You didn’t respect me or love me in the ways I now know I deserve.

And with all this self-love I have… I can finally say goodbye.



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