One cup of depression, please. (cont.)

See… depression for me was the feeling/thought that I wasn’t good enough… It always had a way of drawing me in and reminding me… I wasn’t good enough to be loved. I wasn’t good enough to succeed.

That’s how I felt… so that’s what it was…


Anxiety… LOL.

Anxiety… is the numbness in my arms and legs… It is the rapid beating of my heart, while I struggle to catch my breath… It is the tightening of my stomach… accompanied by a restless mind…

It hurts…

Imagine you are at war with yourself… where your own mind/self is what is holding you back.

“You’ve got to look in the mirror. You’ve got to see that something is wrong. You then have to make a choice…”


Can’t wait to share more soon! Thank you

Also, check out Part 1 of One cup of depression, please.


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