Procrastination is a huge problem I face daily. The decision to do or not to do. In all the time it takes for me to procrastinate and keep throwing my agenda off track… I  could have been a famous writer or millionaire by now.. (wishful thinking)

Seriously! So much time just wasted.

I’m a dangerous procrastinator. I’m conscious of my procrastination… sooo I’ll negotiate myself “5 more minutes” here or “10 more minutes” there… The “snooze” button had become apart of my daily life… minus the actual button.

With all this self-realization/love and my anti-depression mission, I had to find a way to pretty much “outsmart” my brain. I had to put myself and my thoughts in motion.

Now unless you’re still getting spoon fed… you’re the only one who can put your thought and goals in motion. Once I found a way to dig my self out of depression and a take on anxiety… It was easier to see and deal with procrastination.

VISUALS are everything! WRITING is everything! lol…

Journaling is a big help, it’s a way that I can unclutter my brain and express myself.

Vision boards are helpful as well. It’s so much easier to stay on track of my goals and desires… A daily reminder!! I will share mine with you guys… as soon as I finish.

To-do lists. Calendars. Planners- daily, weekly, monthly… Walmart has the huge desk calendars…I love them!

Make notes! Sticky notes. Not so sticky notes.. just a simple notebook, where you can layout your day and the goals that need to be completed.

You will get thrown off course… which is understandable sometimes. We are simply imperfect beings. That doesn’t mean what we want to achieve out of life isn’t obtainable, that just means we have to keep pushing for self improvement.

So let’s get our priorities together today. Let’s get in motion!! It’s gonna be a great day! 🙂

Any thoughts??

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