Some days I have to sit down and gather yourself….

I honestly love keeping things “real”. Just as I call people out on their doings, I call myself out as well!

“How are you feeling? And why do you feel that way?”


“What have you been doing lately?”


These questions, for me, are very important. This is basically a way for me to stay on top of my emotions… and my anxiety. Also helps me to keep a clear mind and stay in control of my mood.

Taking the time to invest in becoming your best self is so fulfilling. I can want and want all day… I can pray for change and self-improvement… Read inspirational tidbits… Write until my fingers turn purple…

BUT at the end of the day… What did I actuallly do?? What have I done to set myself up for success? What can I do to improve my happiness??

I mean… It is MY happiness after all. And that’s where our responsibilty comes in.

“What/who is keeping you from your happiness?”

Whatever that happiness may be for you… How do you achieve it?

What can you do? What are you willing to do (LEGALLY lol) to allow yourself that happiness?? 

Open up all the corners of your mind and pull everything out. Pull everything out and write on it if you need to. Read what you wrote… NOW COME UP WITH A SOLUTION. There are so many resources available in our communities and online. Not to mention there are more than 7 billion people inhabiting earth, trust me someone has it worst or is experiencing the same thing. Reach out and get active. Be the one you can depend on, trust, and love.

Life can be a stinker and sometimes tears us down just to build us up. But its our responsibility not to let it completely kick our tails 😉


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