Where are the beautiful people?

Where have the beautiful people gone?

Being beautiful is more than just looks.

Being beautiful is something that comes from within… it is something that I think a lot of us have a hard time sharing, because maybe we feel as though we are not.

The way you treat others and the way you treat yourself reveals a lot about your inner beauty.

Feeling beautiful can be a feeling you get from others and yourself based on your outward appearance… and there is nothing wrong with that… but what happens when that beauty fades?? what happens when something/someone comes and alters that feeling??

And all you are stuck with is a canvas… that use to be beautiful.

When you are a beautiful person within no one can change that.

No one has the power to take that from you, as long as you don’t allow it.

Beauty is showing gratitude and respect to all living things.

Beauty is the upbeat rhythm playing in your heart and soul because you have all the confidence and faith in yourself and your God.

Beauty is the soul that gives and takes love.

Beauty is the person that you are and that you fighting to become.

You don’t have to have perfection to be beautiful…

Just some love… for yourself.

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