People confuse confidence and ego.

Ultimately your ego is the self-image that you want others to believe. You could also say there’s something you’re trying to prove to yourself that you may not know exists.  We tend to feed our ego with superficial and we build our confidence with truth.

The way I see it with your ego there’s no growth, just what you think should be… you don’t open yourself to possibilities and you’re not honest. You feed the need we all have to belong with validation of your popularity, money, car, image, etc… these things are all superficial. We think these are the things we need to be happy and fulfilled but those are just the distractions from the real happenings. What good do they do when the real truths still arise and manifests themselves in the form of a different obstacle/conflict/circumstance/relationship…..??

But with confidence, you’re able to grow and you grow outside of what you know and you open yourself up to knowledge, growth, and experiences. Confidence includes taking risks and being vulnerable at times. That’s where real confidence comes from. And the more we practice these things the more our confidence is built. Things become a little less difficult because we are more certain and aware of ourselves ❤


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