So basically, I just wanted to share a revelation I had about a personal soul-tie.

God revealed something to me recently, I guess you could say it was finally time.

Simply this is how it went:

My ex came and tried to breeze his way back into my life… AGAIN. I can’t deny, my foolish… forgiving heart had always left the door open out of love and kindness.

But this last time was different… He contacted me in hopes of opening a line of communication, as far as exchanging numbers. I felt we were both mature enough to establish some sort of connection, so I didn’t see a problem.

Immediately after we exchanged numbers he started bringing up drama and all sorts of foolish matters. I was completely blindsided and shocked but I continued to entertain the conversation in the beginning.

This conversation was literally going nowhere and was really just revealing a lot of insecurity and emotional/mental issues he was going through… I would have NEVER guessed… I was so used to seeing the upbeat, charismatic, humorous personality. Nothing I was saying was connecting to him, it was like he just wanted to hear himself talk…

He then shared with me a dream he had about us sitting in the car together talking, which is why he contacted me.

Me being me… I said THAT WAS NOT ME… whatever spirit lead you to me meant you no good. I really just had to pray for him and then DELETE/BLOCK.

This situation really prepared me to realize some things: how people carry spirits (demonic, evil… whatever you please), and how well hidden they are… the possibility of transferring them… or even just being in a situation that invites them in.

I look back at my depression/anxiety and everything I was dealing with… and I see now that it didn’t come until after I met this person. Nothing in my physical world added up to why I was emotionally, mentally tormented. Oh, and I don’t mean a few months or just a bad break up… I mean years even after “moving on”.

I just want to leave on this note. You cant base people on the outward appearance (the flesh)… money, beauty, material goods mean nothing when you aren’t right within.

Good day and God bless!! ❤

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