-Sad Girl

I am not always sad, I promise LOL
But being able to express my sadness has been very helpful…

…being able to do more than just sit in a room and cry, I forgot how therapeutic this could be.

Literally just sitting in a room crying.

At the fall of the day I slowly drift away from the many hats I’d worn: mother, mediator, daughter, friend, cook, sister, comforter, employee, student, whatever that day called for.

Then, I was back to being Shuntell (raw and unfiltered)

I didn’t know what to do once I got back to her, I didn’t know what to say or how to feel… I just knew I was sad, lonely, and frustrated.

I thank God for his grace, mercy, and love; because I have no clue how much longer I would’ve lasted.

Til this day I still struggle but it’s a different type of struggle. I’m learning to love and value myself, the same way I’ve loved others.

Thank God for His word and this pen & paper, gotta start somewhere ❤

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