A little faith, A little courage…

I don’t know what the last thing I wrote about was, but I just wanted to share something this morning about the change in my heart and in my spirit these past few years.

I’ve faced so many situations in life that have built up to moments like this.

I am a fighter,
I am bold,
I am loved,
I am beautiful,
I am kind,
I am humbled,
and I am worthy.

When I was looking at myself and the world around me I just couldn’t understand, WHY??  I couldn’t grasped the concept of life or my worth in it.

BUT, what an awesome God I serve… I got dragged through hell and I was being bound to mental instability and darkness, not realizing that the price of my freedom had already been paid.

Now I know many are in disbelief and to some this may just sound like a bunch of babble… but God has awaken my spirit for this very moment. Just so I may glorify Him and the work that He has done in my life.

As I look back with insight, I was always covered… He had a plan, which was never to harm me… but to grow me spiritually in faith and in truth. Even so I may testify today!

I could honestly go on and on, but everything has it’s timing…

I just pray that the Father’s will be done ❤ and that those who have been suffering will come into the knowing of God and his begotten son Jesus Christ, truthfully. Blessings and restoration to all, and the out pour of his Heavenly Spirit. May we walk boldly and in faith, casting down wicked imaginations and tricks of the enemy. God bless & halleluYAH 🙂

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