What is your intention?

At some point we have to realize and just take in the fact that this body will pass…

Yet, so many are living with no purpose… no outlook, just day by day… going through the motions with no thought of intention.

Simply clocking in & clocking out… not arising to who our creator created us to be.

Just living a life, not growing to the full capacity of who we really are.

It’s so sad honestly…
repeating cycles that carry on from generation to generation,
being broken and staying broken,
being selfish and calling it “self-love”.

I’m praying for better days and that we as a whole will rise to who we truthfully are. That we will grow in our faith and if we don’t have faith that God opens minds, eyes, ears, and hearts.

We need love, truth, and the ability to holfourselves accountable… not more pride, not more vanity… no more bitterness and unforgiving hearts. We need minds that are open and willing to be honest.

Glory to God, thank YOU ❤

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