an unlikely romance

I heard a word yesterday, and it laid pretty hard on my heart.

I’ll give you a piece of it, “stop romanticizing your emotions”…

I instantly began to think back on every moment that I had let me emotions/feelings overtake and define me… I had no problem feeling sad or hurt. If I was so be it! I embraced every moment… clinging onto every thought. I decided if pain had me I was going to wear it proudly and make it as beautiful as I could.

I don’t regret the past, I find comfort in the endurance… and in the grace that came thereof. I wasn’t overtaken, I made it through! Halleluayah!

Father God, I thank you for delivering my mind. I was stuck in a place where I lived by my emotions… as though they were my safety net and I was actually in control of them.
I held on to sadness and pain because they gave me a sense of being. Honestly, they were the only real emotions that I felt were “real”.

Unaware of your mercy and love, unaware of my true identity in Christ. Thank God I was saved.

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