⚠️🗣🗣 Calling all the over-comers… you are in the making, God wants to do a new thing in your life. ‼️‼️⚠️

God isn’t calling us just to continue in ways that are unfruitful…

You can spend so many years talking about how you’re going to change and do right… but God’s love calls for obedience TODAY. 

So no matter how many times you mess up you keep going. You don’t stop and turn back to what you were doing cause things get difficult and God knows your heart and when he’s ready he’ll do it for you. And you’re tired… and it’s just wearing you out. He knows that, but he also knows there is something in you that needs to be birthed through whatever you’re fighting. 

He loves it. 

Don’t miss your opportunity. Don’t keep going back to what God is telling to stop! Repent, change your ways… seek him out. And if first you don’t succeed try and try again…

When you get in the perspective that everyday is another day to try you’ll start moving differently. It’s not just a continuation from the day before, it’s another day to wake up and say, “Lord I don’t know, but I trust YOU. Please help me and lead me.”

One day you’ll see how his strength is carrying you, just because you didn’t give up… but you tried, you started even when you couldn’t see where it would lead. You don’t have to be perfect and well put together but you must make it up in your mind that you are willing.

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