-this too shall pass

-this too shall pass

a tear on my notebook from the night before…

a small reminder of what WAS



I really hate that people would rather you sit in what you consider unhappiness… by means of just making it in this crazy world and doing what society expects you to do/be. Rather than being happy and pursuing your happiness… because that’s when you truly thrive.




Someone asked a question… “Why be on the ‘side that believes'”… as far as faith and prayer.

…Why not?

Faith and prayer are where I am the happiest, most honest version of myself…  where I find mindfulness, trust, kindness, and love. Where I am able to free my mind from abusive thoughts.

Believing gave me the strength and confidence I needed to tell myself I was depressed; however, that was not how I choose to live.

It’s the realist most natural thing I’ve ever felt… because that faith is me, the prayer is me. It’s all apart of me. It’s me and the potential I could be.

The faith is me believing that I will make intentional choices that are in my best interest and that when I don’t, I can trust myself to learn and apply the lesson later in my life. Do better the next time. Excel the next time. Be more aware and mindful.

The prayer isn’t a wish list, that you type up and send. It’s your voice within, speaking aloud. Let it speak. It has something to say but we fear those words. What could asking for help and wisdom from someone we can’t see do for me?? It can do a lot. Especially when there’s faith in your words. Because that someone you’re speaking to is you. And you reflect that image in your actions.

And we can’t forget to put into the world what we want in return.

As much as I want to continue I have to go. Have a good morning 🙂

Open to thoughts and opinions, feel free to comment.



I should be asleep

Yet I am awake

Thinking about something

Thinking about nothing.


I should be asleep

But my pillow is damp

There are tears on my cheeks

My eyes are exhausted.


I should be asleep

I set my alarm for bed at 10PM

It is 1:25AM…


I should be asleep, but I can’t find my way there.

It is 1:26AM and I am awake.

I am sad, I am overwhelmed, I am anxious, I am frustrated!


Why when I crawl into bed do these thoughts come with me?

I  should be asleep.