Today, I just want to tell self-doubt to kiss my @#*…

…So, wait am I telling myse…. NEVERMIND, jajajajajaja..

LOL, thoughts that keep telling me I can’t do something before I even try!

Thoughts that tell me why I shouldn’t try out my ideas.

The fear that lives inside of my own mind…

Today you can kiss my @#*!

I’m putting my best foot foward and rocking all the way.

I am going to try these ideas in my head. I’m gonna put them forth and risk it.

Either I will succed or either I will fail… but either way I have so much to gain ❤


Someone asked a question… “Why be on the ‘side that believes'”… as far as faith and prayer.

…Why not?

Faith and prayer are where I am the happiest, most honest version of myself…  where I find mindfulness, trust, kindness, and love. Where I am able to free my mind from abusive thoughts.

Believing gave me the strength and confidence I needed to tell myself I was depressed; however, that was not how I choose to live.

It’s the realist most natural thing I’ve ever felt… because that faith is me, the prayer is me. It’s all apart of me. It’s me and the potential I could be.

The faith is me believing that I will make intentional choices that are in my best interest and that when I don’t, I can trust myself to learn and apply the lesson later in my life. Do better the next time. Excel the next time. Be more aware and mindful.

The prayer isn’t a wish list, that you type up and send. It’s your voice within, speaking aloud. Let it speak. It has something to say but we fear those words. What could asking for help and wisdom from someone we can’t see do for me?? It can do a lot. Especially when there’s faith in your words. Because that someone you’re speaking to is you. And you reflect that image in your actions.

And we can’t forget to put into the world what we want in return.

As much as I want to continue I have to go. Have a good morning 🙂

Open to thoughts and opinions, feel free to comment.


I am grateful for my being.

I am grateful for the health of my body.

I am grateful for the experiences that have evolved my mind, soul, and body.

I am grateful for my children.

I am grateful for my compassion and understanding. (So that I may not hold on to bitterness or ill feelings, because with the power of compassion and understanding comes forgiveness and with forgiveness there is love and with love, you are accepting and when you accept you are truthful…)

I am grateful for patience.

🙂 SM


Everyday you get up, you have the chance to fight AGAIN!

Whatever the problem was yesterday… TODAY you have been blessed with the kiss of life.

Do better, be better! And you can’t be afraid.

You can’t be afraid to say “Hey, I don’t like this. I want to change this. How do I change it? How do I help myself?”


  1. Grateful to be alive
  2. Grateful for the rising of the sun
  3. Grateful for the love I give myself and others
  4. Grateful for the clouds and the calmness of the morning
  5. Grateful that I have the opportunity that wasn’t given to someone else


People confuse confidence and ego.

Ultimately your ego is the self-image that you want others to believe. You could also say there’s something you’re trying to prove to yourself that you may not know exists.  We tend to feed our ego with superficial and we build our confidence with truth.

The way I see it with your ego there’s no growth, just what you think should be… you don’t open yourself to possibilities and you’re not honest. You feed the need we all have to belong with validation of your popularity, money, car, image, etc… these things are all superficial. We think these are the things we need to be happy and fulfilled but those are just the distractions from the real happenings. What good do they do when the real truths still arise and manifests themselves in the form of a different obstacle/conflict/circumstance/relationship…..??

But with confidence, you’re able to grow and you grow outside of what you know and you open yourself up to knowledge, growth, and experiences. Confidence includes taking risks and being vulnerable at times. That’s where real confidence comes from. And the more we practice these things the more our confidence is built. Things become a little less difficult because we are more certain and aware of ourselves ❤