Just as a flower’s life…

       there are relationships that will bloom and there are others that will wither.

Just as the gardener tends her garden…

       there is a time to tend, a time to salvage, and a time to let go.


#Random thoughts 9/25/18

#Random thoughts 9/25/18

I’ve been blessed with the gift of compassion and understanding. Thoughts, ideas, people, sights don’t brush the surface for me… they invade my mind and open a part of my soul.

They peak my curiosity and my desire to connect with the world around me.

I use to take it for granted and allowed conditioning to become who I was.

It’s definitely a blessing… but often viewed as a curse because everyone won’t get it… everyone isn’t at the point. Not at everyone notices the rainbow… but that doesn’t mean it it’s there and doesn’t mean its any less beautiful ❤️



Who would have guessed…

It almost feels like I’m watching a movie, and as I stop and replay I can’t help but be curious.

Was this your intention?

To clothe yourself in sweet nectar…

To tempt me like a wild, honey bee?

Did you intend to deceive me?….

How long have you been writing these lies? They taste so sweet on your tongue.

I bet it was like stealing candy from a baby.



Everyday you get up, you have the chance to fight AGAIN!

Whatever the problem was yesterday… TODAY you have been blessed with the kiss of life.

Do better, be better! And you can’t be afraid.

You can’t be afraid to say “Hey, I don’t like this. I want to change this. How do I change it? How do I help myself?”

Why do we oppose being in our feelings?? I mean… I can understand why we do… but ultimately there is no reason to.

Our emotions are speaking a truth within us that we sometimes can not figure out… and that usually puts us in a state of frenzy, impulse, and disregard for ourselves and others…

Yes, it can seem difficult because our emotions can put us in that state of uncertainty… and a lot of us don’t know how to handle those emotions…

For some, as children, we were unconsciously told to shove our emotions somewhere far away where they could not be seen or heard and to present ourselves in a manner that says

“I am okay, even though I am not…”


“I won’t cry, even though I’m hurting…”


“Someone did something to me that I did not like, but I’ll just be quiet instead.”

AND THAT IS EXACTLY HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES! (as adults)… and it’s just not okay. And in some area of your life it is showing… trust and believe.

If you look at some ppl you would think they were living their best life. I mean really…

But all the while what you really see is a person who is caged by their own mind and imprisoned by the thoughts of who they should be… Rather than who they are.

And there are soooo many other ways that we have been unconsciously and consciously conditioned but we are not aware yet… but then again some of us are and it just takes a little more time to learn those important lessons we need in life.

But if no one has said it to you today (or ever) just know that what you are feeling is okay and crying about it is ok… feeling upset is ok… feeling sad is okay… IT IS OKAY TO FEEL.

So practice being mindful of YOUR feelings! They ARE important. Who to take better care of you than you! Address the issue, walk into your truth… listen to yourself…  if you do not listen to yourself how do you expect others to listen to you?